~Best quality LYKOI kittens in the UK~TICA registered breeder~
About my breeding journey

My name is Carmen and I have been a breeder of Sphynx cats for 11 years and a breeder of  Lykoi cats for 2 years.    I am TICA registered breeder under Posh Sphynx Royal UK prefix and also a licensed breeder by Animal Welfare in Enland. I have been working very hard over the years improving this breed and bringing smiles on many people faces by allowing them to have one, sometimes two kittens. I thank you to all those who are saying how lucky I am to breed this beautiful cats and that they are the most top quality kittens in the UK. During my 11 years of breeding Sphynx cats I have learned everyday and achieved various qualifications such as Certificate in Breeding and Care Level3, Pet Nutrition Diploma, Cattery Management Diploma, First Aid for Kittens and Cats Level 3 and Peddymark Certificate of Training & Competence in Microchipping Small Mammals like cats, kittens, rabbits and ferrets. I often mentor other breeders; always on the other end of a phone or message to give advice and to support those in need.  
Kittens from parents FIV/FELV/HCM negative. We are breeding healthy cats and we are producing high quality Lykoi kittens. Inbox our page for more info and for Lykoi kittens pet or breeding(no breeding restrictions).
For kittens enquiries text or call 07930824663 - Carmern Lotorosanu -London UK .Pet transport available in person.

How much do Lykoi kittens cost?

No matter colour or gender price for a kitten is £1500 as pet and respectively £3500 with breeding rights.

Kittens are available as pets as well as with breeding rights ready to go to their future homes at 13 weeks old, fully litter trained, weaned on raw meat, vaccinated twice, 5 weeks insurance voucher, microchipped and registered TICA.